walnut butter

back to talking about my love for walnuts…

so, i’ve tried numerous times to make nut butter. i’m not sure what it is. maybe i’m not patient enough with the grinding? do i use the vitamix or food processor? do i need to roast the nuts first? maybe i’m choosing the wrong nut/seed? is there a wrong nut/seed?

well, after waking up to find a certain someone had finished off the sunbutter and my adoring thoughts for walnuts swirling in my head, i was determined to make some walnut butter.

sara b., the author of an amazing blog that i really enjoy reading and have learned oh so much from—-> http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/ <—– talks about the importance of roasting nuts. i’ve known that when you roast nuts you release the oils which enhance the flavor but i never really realized that it helped with digestion as the body doesn’t have to work as hard at breaking down/digesting the nuts. makes sense.

a flavor boost. natural oils released so there’s no need to add extra oil. and it’s easier on my tummy. roasted it is!

walnut butter
2 cups walnuts
sea salt
preheat oven to 350F. Roast nuts for 20-30 min. taste them periodically to check on “roast” factor. i actually kept them in a bit too long and they ended up with a deep nutty walnut flavor. i enjoyed it but some  may not so i would say probably don’t let them bake for 35+ min….
once done, let them cool completely. pour them into the food processor and blend, blend, blend. you will need to stop often to scrape down the sides but if you’re patient and don’t give up, you will have amazingly creamy and delicious walnut butter!

franklin is so nosey!  🙂

after successfully making walnut butter i wanted to conquer sunbutter, my vice. seeing as sunbutter can cost a pretty penny and i go through a least a tub a week if not more, i was hoping to make a homemade version that would help my pocket book. i found a tasty looking recipe on another great blog —->http://www.choosingraw.com/homemade-salt-kissed-vanilla-sunflower-seed-butter. the first time i made it i used the vitamix and it was a flop. i even added oil to no avail. the second time, using my food processor, it worked! i can eat this stuff by the spoonful. and i do.


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Hi :) So happy to meet you, I'm Lou. This is a random assortment of things I enjoy, pictures I take and food I make.
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2 Responses to walnut butter

  1. Yummo! Walnuts are blimmin amazing, I agree. I find sunflower seeds one of the HARDEST butters to make…. it takes FOREVER to get a smooth butter. I find making a sunflower/almond/cashew combination butter works really well, and you get a great texture – and without it taking 5 years to come together. I don’t have a VitaMix, but my food processor does the trick 😉

  2. Oh wow wow wow… i cannot wait to get hime to try this out!! First you’ve converted me to a veggie, and now with your awesome recipes I know it will definitely help keep me one!!! Thanks for this Lou… Awesome stuff!

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