walnut milk

i love walnuts. raw. roasted. hidden deep inside some raisin walnut bread. i’ll take ’em anyway.

as a milk perhaps? absolutely!

nothing like getting your fill of omega 3’s first thing in the morning, without having to slurp up a bowl of fish stew…

walnut milk
1 cup walnuts
3 cups filtered water
dash sea salt (opt.)
dash vanilla (opt.)
this is so super duper easy. just pour the walnuts in a bowl and soak in water over night. in the morning, drain the nuts and place in vitamix with 3 cups water. blend baby blend. put a pantyhose over the top of vitamix and pour mixture into a bowl slowly so you don’t spill your precious milk all over the counter. i got the idea of using the pantyhose from leanne over at http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/
she’s one creative lady!
pour the strained milk back in the vitamix and add the salt and vanilla if you please. it’s not needed as it is delicious with just the walnuts and water.
blend again. restrain.

i’ve been on a green smoothie kick these days (i somehow missed the green smoothie train months ago….better late than never!). i love to pour this milk over the smoothie then mix in chia seeds and let it gel up. its like green smoothie pudding. yum.


now this is one milk mustache i’m a-ok sporting.


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Hi :) So happy to meet you, I'm Lou. This is a random assortment of things I enjoy, pictures I take and food I make.
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2 Responses to walnut milk

  1. Lou says:

    YUM! I love home made nut milks… but I have never tried using walnuts! I love how rich and earthy their flavour is…. great idea 🙂

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