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i’ve never been much of a tv watcher, much less a devotee of any particular show. that is until the wire. i’m kind of embarrassed to admit it but bryan and i finished the series, all five seasons, during the fall semester…i guess you can say we were enthralled by the show.

one thing i liked about the show is that there was good character development and you got to know the hoppers as well as the cops. the drug dealers/gang bangers weren’t just “the bad guys” who do bad things, end of story. you were able to see life from their perspective. the season where they went into the public schools was pretty hard. it was hard not to feel hopeless about the public school systems in inner cities… as the show was written by a former teacher/police officer who lives in baltimore, the show was based on real events and his experiences. it gets pretty raw. at least for me it did.

random fact. it wasn’t until i moved to milwaukee and was 25 that i learned what “finna” meant. now, i find it sometimes just comes out naturally… the chef at a restaurant i waitressed at used it one day and i had to be that person who asked what it meant. thank you clarence for not rolling your eyes at me as you kindly explained what it meant.


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