home cookin

with school and working i have been finding myself not being able to find time for cooking. chip’ins  (aka popcorn crack chips) and dried mango ‘n’ sun butter sand whiches were starting to make up the bulk of my diet. those sammies were delicious, don’t get me wrong, but i was missing some variety. i was hungry for some real food.

enter. all this amazingness. home made seitan. tahini honey sweet potato fries. curried cauliflower “rice.” lentil soup with wilted spinach.

hearty. “meaty.” succulently delicious.

these made me remember why i love tahini so much. they are delightful. and speaking of delightful, i found this recipe on the delightfully wonderful blog, edible perspective. everything i’ve made of hers has been wonderful. i highly recommend you check out her blog!


if you like cauliflower and you like curry you will love this! heck, even if you’re not a fan of either, i’m pretty sure you will still really enjoy this side. it’s so simple, yet so delicious. just cauliflower,curry powder,coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

i found this recipe in brendan brazier’s “thrive foods.” tis an excellent read that i recommend to everyone. i received this book for x-mas (thanks mom!) and not only have i found oodles of recipes that i can’t wait to try but i’ve also learned a lot more about nutrition and the effect our food has on not only our bodies but also our home, planet earth. i feel like i know a pretty good amount on the topic but i’m always glad and eager to learn more. always learning 🙂

here’s another recipe from the amazing brendan brazier. this “soup” wasn’t too soupy (i chose to omit some of the water so it could be more of a side dish than a soup) but it was still mighty yummy! even bryan, my boo, who is known to be a rather picky eater enjoyed this.

i really love how easy lentils are to cook. and they are far gentler on my tummy than beans….dang you beans but how i love you still…..

mmm, i see alot more lentils in my future.

dinner for two. yes please.

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Hi :) So happy to meet you, I'm Lou. This is a random assortment of things I enjoy, pictures I take and food I make.
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